The Classic Metal Roof is the best value because of the durability and energy efficiency,

February 27, 2018 by Dennis Hendrickson

Classic Metal Roofing Systems | Shake

Overall Rating: 5

Specific Ratings

  • Beauty: 5
  • Benefits: 5
  • Durabilty: 5
  • Freedom from Maintenance: 5
  • Installation Workmanship 5
  • Response To Problems: 5
  • Energy Efficiency: 5
  • NOTE: "0" stars means "Not Applicable"

Additional Info

Type Of Structure: Single family home
Previous Roof: Wood
Was The Old Roof Removed? No
Date of Installation: 6-10 years ago
Finish/Coating: PVDF (Kynar / Hylar)
Cost Of Metal Roof: $25,001 - $40,000

We considered all types of roofing for our home and decided that the aluminum metal roofing was the best for our needs. The temperature differential from the first to the second floor was eliminated. The cooling costs were reduced. We have had no need for any repairs. We have had people stop and ask what kind of roof we have installed because they liked the appearance.