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March 13, 2016 by Frances Stevens

Classic Metal Roofing Systems | Shake

Overall Rating: 5

Specific Ratings

  • Beauty: 5
  • Benefits: 5
  • Durabilty: 5
  • Freedom from Maintenance: 5
  • Installation Workmanship 5
  • Response To Problems: 0
  • Energy Efficiency: 5
  • NOTE: "0" stars means "Not Applicable"

Additional Info

Type Of Structure: Single family home
Previous Roof: Composition (asphalt / fiberglass) Shingle
Was The Old Roof Removed? No
Date of Installation: 2-5 years ago
Finish/Coating: PVDF (Kynar / Hylar)
Cost Of Metal Roof: $10,001- $25,000

Cooling bill is less in summer months and it seems like my heating bill is less as well. I love the look; it is very unique. I have people ask all the time, “what kind of roof is that?”