An excellent choice.

January 21, 2016 by Josh Ward

Metal Panel Systems Inc. | Standing Seam

Overall Rating: 5

Specific Ratings

  • Beauty: 5
  • Benefits: 5
  • Durabilty: 5
  • Freedom from Maintenance: 5
  • Installation Workmanship 5
  • Response To Problems: 5
  • Energy Efficiency: 5
  • NOTE: "0" stars means "Not Applicable"

Additional Info

Type Of Structure: Single family home
Previous Roof: New construction
Was The Old Roof Removed? Yes
Date of Installation: 2-5 years ago
Finish/Coating: PVDF (Kynar / Hylar)
Cost Of Metal Roof: $10,001- $25,000

Our home is in a flat rural area in Shelby County Ohio. When we have a wind event I never have to worry about losing asphalt shingles like my neighbors do. Three years have passed now and there have been no visual signs of color fading even when compared to extra accessories that have been kept inside. Our metal roof provides shelter and peace of mind.